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June 22, 2014


Chandra L.

to the bitter waiter: i love your quips you are so funny.... I have been waitressing for almost 30 years now...i wish i had the nerve to say some of that stuff to some of my customers

Chef Schnauzer

Funny and sad. After 25 / 30 years in the kitchen and 6 owning my own kennel.... people just suck and so do most of their dogs. I tried to dodge the bullet with the kennel. Not so much. Thanks to the government my long term health care is 12 gauge, so is my retirement. I should take early retirement.


OH, what I would not have paid to have had the privilege of overhearing this entire dialogue.

BW is the best BW ever.

Nate D

I love you. I love a dude. Marry me.


I fucking HATE people who snap their fingers at you like you are a circus dog. HATE that!


Winner: Best title of a blog entry, EVER!

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