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May 15, 2014



Jeeeezus, JJ. They're only BOOBS. deal with it.


Bravo, Bravo.


BW, you are indeed a refreshing source of rational thought and behaviour in a society which never seems to consider the disturbing proportion of people who exhibit such puerile idiocy; clearly, in such barren territory as the brain of Darryl (and, no doubt, his other brother Darryl), it's offensive to nurse, but perfectly all right to scream about whipping out his cock. Remarkable.


Why is it that every time a man says something misogynistic or homophobic someone else chimes in with "well he must be closeted"? Because there are no hateful straight men?

Adam B.

"I could just whip out my cock?"

Well, is some one at your table going to suck on it for nourishment?

Probably just as well it wasn't my table.


Okay, its official. I love you. Not only because you stood up for a young mother's right to feed her baby in a sanitary and comfortable place (in other words, not the bathroom) but also because you are the best comedic writer I have ever read. You should definitely write a book!


Thank you Chase. When I was still nursing, I sometimes fed Aviva in a bathroom because of my own insecurities about public nursing. I would never do it again. It's gross and breasts are made to feed babies, so whatever.


You should have comped him a white russian. And used her titty milk to cut the kahlua.

Bitter Waiter

Or perhaps, JJ, you could merely look the other way. Breasts are big, but they're not THAT big as to takeover your entire line of sight.


Sorry dude I still think it's impolite. Bring a bottle or something


Not to mention that in some states a woman's right to breastfeed is protected by law. Darryl might have been batting for your team I think.


Thank you! I have an eight week old, and while I do my best to be covert while breastfeeding, it doesn't always work. Trust me, I'm more uncomfortable myself than those around me.
Interesting that my two inches of exposed skin elicits rage, but the 20 year old girl with all of her DDs showing is admired. Lol

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