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May 03, 2014



On multiple occasions tourist ask "what's the name of that lake"? I say patently "The Atlantic OCEAN" SMH They also ask if Mount Desert ISLAND is an actual ISLAND, It's not called Mount Desert Mainland.


LOL I seriously love your blog Chase!!!


#4 just blows me away. It surprises me how they don't get the concept.

I would've told them to check our garbage around midnight, after we close. I am sure their meal would be in there somewhere to feed your snake.

And as for what I know about snakes they need LIVE bait. Cooked meat isn't going to do it. So there is a lie right there.


"I can feed it to my snakes"...SNAKES? Are you freaking kidding me???

...and do snakes even eat anything which isn't living? "Overcooked" hardly conssstitutes living.


Last summer during a heat wave I had a lady on our patio ask me to turn the heater off!?! Um, I can't really control Mother Nature, Honey.

I love your blog. Just when I feel like a lonely,jaded old biddy, I read one of your posts and realize that I am not alone in this world. Thanks!


Honey, I feel your pain. I had a woman come into the store last week and go bat shit insane because we didn't have an POP UP SYMPATHY CARDS. WTF?

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