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February 23, 2014



I just found this post. That looks like Mama June from those Honey BooBoo Land... I can even see the neck crust!!!!!!!!


Not sure that I'd call it "campy"--but I love it, as always. Jackée Harry...I LOVE it that you mentioned her!! You and only you.


Technically, the salad dressing was different. It featured a dusting of arsenic, courtesy of Haley.


Holy shit, I spit out my tea when I saw that picture of Capote and Jackee. That is so you. That picture reminds me of you, in college, if that makes sense? Well done. Miss you. XX.

Karl J

So bitchy! I love it. I have this guy where I work who always come in in sunglasses and with a really big hat with a feather. Super great tipper but also on the shy/not friendly side. Eccentric!


Douse me in denim is perhaps the best camp phrase to emerge from this campy blog, ever!!!!

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