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January 10, 2014


Cale Morgan

My name is Cale and I'm pseudo offended. God I hate people in restaurants so much, I don't miss serving tables at all. Entitled cuntiness abounds.


Hahahaha. Thanks for the laugh!

Adam Hawthorne

I'm fucking sick of kale. Every year there's a new kale. If it's not goji berries, acai, or some other ridiculous trendy super-food, than it's kale.

Fuck kale. I never want to see kale again.


Oh, MAN! This one just made my day. Brilliant, tart, salient, delicious.

I'd like to point out, of course, that I certainly harbour no feelings of schadenfreude towards the situation you describe above. But I WOULD love to watch this happen and see these people get their "just desserts" (ha!)...the schadenfreude would definitely apply there.

Love you so much, BW.

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