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January 03, 2014



While I agree with not using your phone while interacting with a server at all, and keeping the phone usage to a bare minimum when around other people while dining, I will still take pictures of my food--not for Instagram or whatever it is most people upload their food pictures to, but to show my family who is in Japan right now what new things I'm trying over here in the States.


I don't own any kind of cellphone. Not because I am snotty or don't believe in them, but amazingly enough I don't NEED one. GASP! I know, stunning news. And I can guarantee that most people that have them don't actually NEED them, as do people like employees on call or doctors.

I have been actually yelled at [not an exaggeration. I have had two secretaries yell at me] by the school for not giving my cellphone number. When I explained I don't have one, both replied "Why? YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE. IT'S THE ONLY NUMBER WE WILL TAKE FOR YOUR CONTACT. WHAT IF WE CAN'T REACH YOU?"

I don't know - by my land line? Or call her father at work, or her grandparents if it is that much of an emergency.

So, to see people doing this and unhooking from their surroundings and the people they are with - it just confirms the fact, to me, that most people don't need one. Like you said, if you are going to do that - stay home and order delivery and ignore eachother.

Angel Singer

My husband and I went to the Space Needle for our anniversary, and we were surrounded by people ignoring each other and the view in favor of their cell phones and tablets. Why on earth would you go to a restaurant whose main selling point is the view...and not, I don't know, actually fucking VIEW it?


I've never not had a land-line. I guess I'm strange for thinking that conversations are best had in private...?




I totally agree with you. When they are on their phones, they immediately lost track at how LOUD they are.

And they also forget that your server is not your maid, they have a job to do, which includes serving other people. When people are yapping on phones, they lose all sense of their surroundings.


Great rant, but now all I want is a Moscow Mule. Damn good drink.

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