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November 15, 2013


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Hello, I check your new stuff on a regular basis. Your writing style is witty, keep up the good


OOOoooh!! This post is, unquestionably, "the max". I was laughing so hard that I actually stopped an associate as he passed by, knowing he'd appreciate the remark about the paintings of the fabled vegetable-eating pilgrims.

He chuckled. "The pilgrims didn't actually eat any vegetables on ship," he noted astutely.

I squared my shoulders. "THAT'S HIS POINT," I said as patiently as possible. "HE'S EMPLOYING SARCASM." Sheesh.

But--despite the inability to share your sparkling wit for the genius that it is, I still freaking LOVE it.

Adam B

Ahh, Hollywood, where Desperation and Narcissism go to f--- each other stupid. Thanks, Chase, for helping to cure me of any nostalgia I might still have for that awful, awful scene.


You had me at "the vegan grasshole off the coyote scattered forest." Hilarious.

Tundra Woman

Good gawd. Now you know why you left that bitch in the rear view mirror of your life years ago. Good for you for getting up and walking out on her presumptuous, entitled ass-for the last time.


Why are people so gross? Especially women... Stop playing games--and making people drink garbage water--and just ask upfront. Better yet, have some class and don't ask at all.

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