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September 10, 2013


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Turns out she faked it. I wonder if she'll be giving back the 10K in donations she received.

Karen Smith

How horrible for her... but did anyone else notice that this person's name is also on the receipt??
Sounds like a jumping board for the Karma Monster to me! Be aware Devin Barnes... be aware!

Tundra Woman

Ms. Jenkins, Where ever you are, I'm an old broad. An old WHITE widow broad. I'm not "PC." I well remember when they blew up that church with those children. I saw MLK, Stokley, the Freedom Riders, the fire hoses, the dogs, the cities including mine burning down.
I want you to know, I'm ashamed. I believed we could and were changing this country to reflect the rights of *ALL* of us, to make "equality" a reality, not just some words on a paper. I wasn't an "idealist," just a US citizen. I still cringe when I hear this country's leaders speak of "Human Rights Violations" as a "reason" to chastise any other country in what ever way "we" see fit.
I don't do any kind of social networking places-outta my demographic. Where ever you are Ms. Jenkins, keep your dream alive. I'm more than dreaming; I'm DEMANDING and I'm walking right along side of you.


How absolutely disgusting.

That's bad enough, but I was equally alarmed to read in that article the following: "And again in Tennessee, a cemetery has been digging up the graves of African-Americans to give the plots to their white clients."

I was astonished and wanted to know if this sort of unimaginable outrageousness could really be true. I searched (albeit with limited ability), and all I was able to turn up regarding the matter was this (which admittedly appears to be a blog, but also gives the sense of being based upon actual court documents):

If in fact this kind of bizarre prejudice is not something from some insane corner of outer space--which I tend to feel it would have to be. I mean...graves? SERIOUSLY?--then I hope to god that these backwoods bigots all get into the same fiery train-wreck together. And quickly.


I read about this earlier -- that poor woman :( Kudos to her for remaining professional in the face of such vile behavior (and that was even before the monstrous "tip).


Oh my God, that poor girl! Good for her for taking action! I will be sharing the link. What a sad world we live in.

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