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August 23, 2013


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I was a server and bartender for 10 years and I now live in Europe, where servers are paid a regular wage, yes, you tip, but servers aren't dependent on tips to make their income. Both in Europe and the US it is possible to get good service and to have shitty service. By and large though service is generally better in the US, because tipping gives the server an incentive to take care of you.


Tipping is important and I disagree that tips should go away. I always tip well, but looks like automatic gratuities might be going away!


Here in Norway we are paid a salary that makes us less, or even not at all, dependent on tips. My hourly pay pre taxes is approx. $40. Over here, that aint much even though its above business average. Still, tipping is usual. Not as much as 20%, but between 5% and 10%. This has done one major thing to the business: Its basically a side job for students. Finding a real waiter outside of very, VERY expensive establishments is hard cause who wants to do that shit?


The only reason I wait tables is because the money is [usually] phenomenal. The only way to get through a night dealing with these fuckwads is the sweet ass wad of cash I'm going to walk with at the end of the night. No way in HELL I would ever wait tables if I got paid less than what I do. Not worth the hassle. Why do you think most servers refuse to work retail? All the hassle, half the money.

ronald waits

I will never not tip. My father was a waiter, and I know from my own life experience what a difference it makes. I even tip my people who work at my favorite chuck wagons.


What has always struck me as being OBVIOUS about the concept of hourly pay for servers are these reasons:

(1) How do these complaining customers expect the restaurants to suddenly increase their server hourly wages by 400%? (Since most are paid $2.13/hr.) Hmmm, let me guess, it will be passed on to the customer through higher menu prices! You thought that $7 hamburger was expensive? Try $10.

(2) You think you get bad service now? Wait until the servers have NO incentive to do better. Need ketchup [or a 5th refill on water]? Sure, as soon as I finish texting my boyfriend.

Brett Byers

That's a good point - restaurants would have to fork over some serious cash to pay a normally tipped staff. As usual, the idiots have these fun, flowery thoughts with no actual thought of the consequences!!


the Sooner your greedy servers like You learn that you dont deserve tip we'll all enjoy restaurant better! wah wah wah i want More money!!!!


This socialistic idea of everyone gets paid the same doesn't work. It does not work well for hourly jobs; it will not work well for healthcare. If one gets paid the same regardless of effort, that person will always choose to exert less effort.


Where did this ridiculous suggestion even come from??????


Amanda--exactly. I laughed out loud when I read that part. I've been to Europe & talked to Europeans about restaurants in the US--the service isn't in the same level of existence as what you get in the US. European servers aren't rude & for what they are paid, they are extremely professional. But they are hardly invested in giving you wonderful service.

Numbers 4&5 are the ones that really get to me about people who think that base-wage reforms are brilliant plans that America needs to enact ASAP. They strike me as one part 'never worked a day in a restaurant', one part blind logic of 'Europeans do it, ergo if Americans want to be classy, they should follow', and one part 'Gawd, I hate the fact that people call me an asshole because I don't tip. Why should I pay someone to serve me?' As a whole, they come across as smug, cheap, uninformed morons.

Laura Knight

I agree with the point of other things being much more important!!! Cannot believe that with everything wrong in the world, people are putting energy into TIPPING!!! Get some perspective!


hey smart alec did you not read the part where he discuses how servers of all shades sizes and colors proclaimed no problem with tipping? or do you just need to make sure your arguments are stated with vitriol & while glossing over relevant info?

Alec T.

Oh how delightful! The privileged, snarky white server has not encountered a problem with tipping, therefore that must be the standard. Thanks for enlightening us, massah!!!


Word. Although I read the article in question that said service actually got better when tipping was abolished in one particular restaurant, that is directly contradicted by... oh, say, EVERYTHING else I've ever heard from anyone with any clue be they servers, cooks, or international tourists who frequent countries where tipping is not the norm.

All of those people without exception state that a lack of tipping causes problems (not the least of which is a service issue) rather than solving them. My husband is also in the restaurant industry so... yeah. I'm trusting someone in the trenches as it were. Rock on.


GOD DAMN RIGHT!!! I am going to post this EVERYWHERE! Thank you brother!

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