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August 30, 2013



Ain't it amazing that all this technology helps us to sort-of communicate? Because flipping open a real, officially-published phrasebook and paging to the "Restaurant" section would just be too time-consuming, or possibly full of mistakes, or something.

Weird that you've been on a Madonna kick. I've been having one on MJ.

Karen Smith

"REMEMBER: Black women-superior powers." I don't know what you were thinking but as a Black woman it made me laugh so hard that I almost spit out my Jack Daniels!! That and your line about filling your "Fellowship of Christian Athletes water bottle with Gin! hahahaha:
Your posts are the highlight of my day:)


You remind me of Holden Caulfield so much.

Lisa F

I usually give my self credit for being able to keep out of the wine until an hour or so before the shift ends. I can see the error of my ways in your blog... before, during, and of course, after work is the path to embracing all of our customers' "quirks" with a smile. Hmmmm.... I wonder what my husband would think of this plan.

Samantha Dugan

All win


Definitely one of the all-time best!!

sue j

OMG THIS was full of classic lines!!! Haha but my fav is definitely "5:16 p.m. - Take impromptu bath in pool. Race inside, change into server outfit, fill my high school Fellowship of Christian Athletes watter bottle with gin." I spit out my wine!!!

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