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February 22, 2013



Damn! Forget Tom Cheney...THEM boys are some trash for you.

Aaron Maynard

Great writing! I have had so many times where I have felt the same way about a table! I very much like your ideas for the ways in which misfortune could fall upon them!! Unfortunately, I also had many times where I assumed that an experience with a table was going to go that way and then out of nowhere they left me 25%! It's like God was was just standing there with his arms crossed, shaking his head at me. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't wish bad things on tables that do you wrong!! Quite the opposite. I'm just saying that you should be prepared to take a ride on the guilt train when they don't!!

Ernest Dempsey

Hilarious story, as usual.


From their behavior alone I could tell there would be no tip at the end.

I experienced that many times during my serving career. I refused to give them good service- let their drinks run out....I didn't care if they complained to management. A couple of times I dropped off the bill when I dropped off the food, not returning until there was a credit card or cash in it.

They can choose to act like that, I could choose to not serve them well.....all the while knowing they wouldn't tip me even if we HAD refilled their tea 150 times. Nope, I'll choose to direct my energy to tables I know will act and tip me decently.


So gross, but your descriptions are really funny.


Farts are funny!!


NO they did not...

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