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February 15, 2013



I just love how you paint a picture with your words...a horrible picture:) Keep them coming please!!


Hahahahahaha. You are awesome!


I have never understood why anyone over the age of 10 makes a big deal out of their birthdays. Un-fucking-real!

Robert Gordon

I'm a professional waiter at a job I actually like. We do have a lot of special occasion celebrations, including birthdays. We do not do anything other than a free desert with a candle. One night I had a group of ladies with one 40ith birthday. I knew this because the special lady spent the first five minutes at the table telling me that it was her special day, it was her birthday, her day etc. She paused, asked me what I was going to do for her special day, and out of my mouth pops out, "What are you, five?". Dead silence for the next four seconds. Then they all four burst out laughing, relaxed and had a good time.

Rogue Wino

Haaaahahaha...I can't handle the princess shit. Not at weddings, birthdays, or any other contrived event that lets someone with low self esteem boss their friends around.


I literally read your whole blog in 3 days. I love you! I am no longer in the food service, now enlisted in th Coast Guard, but I swear I have had similar experiences with nasty entitled people who treat me like the help.


Gosh Amber sounds familiar......


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!" screeched Shawna, whose sentences sounded more like the battle cries of a blind zombie in an emergency room.

I literally just spit tea all over my desk. I love you.

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