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January 25, 2013



You should write a book. Put it on my tab. I won't tip.


Absolute gold! Your next post should be from your POV during this interaction. I see it starting something like ...

*Take a swig*

Oh goodie, another pretentious wannabe LA socialite ...

Oh hi there.

I'm sorry I didn't hear you because I was distracted by thoughts of all of the things I'd rather be doing than serving you ...

Excuse me for a second ...

*Takes a swig*

Sorry there just isn't enough alcohol in the world to make dealing with someone like you bearable ...

Paris? Oh no, I've never been because mommy and daddy didn't coddle me into my twenties, paying for my fruitless self-exploratory escapades.

Excuse me for a second ...

*Takes a swig*

I see you think I am an unfortunate, uncultured soul that you pity, but really, I pity you ...


This was very well written but was a bit confusing as I thought it was you addressing us and it took awhile to realize it was the customer.


HYSTER! Please write from the customer's POV more often!

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