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December 11, 2012


Anderson Silva

Manilla Gorilla??? Are you kidding me? I lost my breath laughing at the reference! You write beautifully! It's so refreshing reading your blog after a terrible day serving a-holes all day long!


I'm dying! Are people in LA still that delusional about how to get ahead in the industry???!!! She may as well just send some nude photos of herself to some casting agents.


My jaw literally dropped at, "Then how about you go to CVS next door and buy one?" and a bunch of different reactions popped into my head. Reading about your experiences always makes me laugh.


A most perfectly-intoned summation, BW. I nearly said the same thing last week about the future dramatic coup you could pull off with Aunt Pookie,'ve said it better!


I love your writing. I actually gagged at your description of her scent.

Sweaty Noel

I don't know...when I called Warner Bros and told them they needed to see me do audition because I was the next big thing, it totally worked...


"I high-tailed it to the bar for a vodka & cranberry, as well as their drinks." I struggle to find a superlative worthy of that remark. Literary genius!!


"'Not gonna happen,' I said while looking at myself in a non-existent mirror."

God I know that look of yours :)


I can only describe her perfume as a blend of cotton candy, pine cones, and sweet ham.

Golden. Nailed it.

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