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December 31, 2010



Accountability: get some, America.


oh my stars. amish sweaters, fleshy arms, and doc baker. so much goodness here.


Everything you write makes me laugh hysterically. You are truly talented.


Please tell me this is going to be written into the show.

Bagel Fairy

I worked at a drugstore and there was this old, overweight woman who would follow customers around and talk to them about her headaches, backaches, and arthritis. She was always "on a diet" and talked at length about morality and going to church. She also happened to be an alcoholic and who had had three husbands. God just loved testing her, mostly because he must have known how strong she was to endure all these things happening "to" her.

Come to think of it, she quit a few years ago. Perhaps she moved to L.A.


So you didn't like my extended family anymore than I do, huh? Lovely people. We're proud of 'em.

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