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December 02, 2010



Reading your translation of the boyfriend made me imagine him as Jabba the Hutt.

Yerani Madarasz

Ok enough out of you, you Armenian hating prick! You think it's easy to being hairy, overweight, over-dyed, and stuffed into a berry colored juicey sweat suit? That takes hard work and daily dedication! On that note, as an Armenian I feel a guilty pleasure laughing out loud at all of your posts regarding my people (just threw up a little in my mouth with that thought) while equally feeling the level of disdain for them that you mother tells me there's a special place in hell for a girl like me, hope to see you there!
P.S. I hope you got my humornin the beginning of this comment


That was clearly the only suitable answer in that situation. You're doing the lord's work.


I've recommended the same when people come into m Italian restaurant and inform me that they are allergic to garlic. WTF is wrong with people???


LOL Why go to Mexican then?
The stupidity of the public never fails to amaze me.

But shouldn't.


Asked and answered. Take a victory chug.

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