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November 29, 2010



You're an evil genius. With a side of steel balls.


You are an inspiration to all the bitter waiters:)


You do put a smile on my face...


I want you to know that I read this post to my husband while we ate a pomegranate. We laughed and laughed...


"Home-made cigars." That is rich.

Larry Weisberg

Just discovered your blog after a friend posted on Facebook. Love it! Can't wait to read more? Dying to know what restaurant you're at near Universal that has Grampa's and Lucy's... I haven't read your earlier ones yet, but I'm assuming you're in LA.


Pure artistry. Bravo.


/OMG!!! IF I could, I would totally give you a standing ovation! I like how you think! MARRY ME!! lol


You are my hero!




OMG. YOU, sir, are awesome. That is one of the greatest stunts I have ever heard of, and I thought I had seen/heard it all after 20 years of being a server.

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